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Vinces' Banjo Instruction Page


Vince is regarded by many Banjo players in the Tri-State area as one of the finest most creative, accomplished and tasteful Banjo players around. His arrangements ranging from the standard bluegrass tunes, to tunes like 'Caravan' ,'With care from Someone' ,'Lonesome Ride' and 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'( to name a few), are unsurpassed. He has the unique ability of using just the right backup 'lick' at just the right time adding interest and color to the music while enhancing the singing.

Vince, over the years, has compiled quite a library of tunes he has re-worked to his style of playing. He is now offering them to anyone who may be interested in learning the 5 string Banjo. He is offering these arrangements either in Tablature form or in Guitar Pro. If you are interested in learning to play Banjo, it is suggested you purchase the software program called Guitar Pro early on in your learning. With this software you can hear what the tune is supposed to sound like making it much easier on your learning curve..

See Below for eMail Address

Vince will schedule private Banjo lessons to those intersted if you live within driving distance of Fairmont WV..

email: Vince Bartlebaugh to make arrangements for private Banjo lessons or to purchase Tabs or Guitar Pro files.

Thank you.. Dale Wigfield


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