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True Bluegrass Revisited

True Bluegrass Band
'From 1979'

True Bluegrass Band From 1979

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True Bluegrass
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Track Listing:

1. Reason For Being
2. Where I'm Bound
3. Sweet Georiga Brown
4. Old and In The Way
5. The Old Home Place
6. How Come You Do Me
7. Arab Bounce
8. Blackberry Blossom
9. Bear Tracks (Old Slew Foot)
10. Green Sleeves
11. Souveniers
12. Beneath the Winter Snow
13. With Care From Someone
14. Sea of Heartbreak
15. The Tie That Binds
16. Pig in a Pen
17. Hail to the Redskins/Travelin Kind
18. Teach Your Children
19. El Comanchero

Band Members Include

L to R

Brad Foust (Mandolin)
Bob Thompson (Guitar)
Vince Bartlebaugh (Banjo)
Jim Rankin(Bass)



True Bluegrass
'CD Front Cover Art'

Bluegrass Music

TRUE BLUEGRASS 79 Re-issued:
In 1979 "True Bluegrass" recorded this project at Complex One studios in Indiana, Pa. Everything was done in one take, open ensemble type "Live" recording session. No re-takes or over-dubs, fixes etc.
It was not released at that time and was all but forgotten. However bassest Jim Rankin saved it and in 1998 had it re-mastered, and just a small number were released, as the band was no longer working.
Soon many folks were contacting the past members requesting a copy, so there was another run made and sold. They have been unavailable now for several years but still folks have been asking for copies.
So now we have the third edition available. This new version has all different but original graphics and photos from 1979, along with new liner notes by our friend John Trout of WYEP.
It includes the same 19 numbers as before. Several of these are still being performed by the current Blue Shades band. Others have become some of Vince's most often requested numbers, such as "With Care From Someone"
It features the warm and smooth singing style of the late Bob Thompson on guitar who along with Banjo player and baritone singing Vince Bartlebaugh founded the band in the early 70's.
The up-right bass was ably handled by Jim Rankin, of Indiana, Pa.
The then newest band member was Brad Foust on Mandolin which he had been playing for only a couple years at that time, as well as learning the harmony and lead vocal parts from the afore-mentioned Veterans.
The CD is available at all Blue Shades appearances or just contact us via e-mail, for $10.00, or $12.00 w/ S&H.

2006 Blue Shades