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Blue Shades Band

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BlueShades at 2008 IBMA Showcase

Singing Harmony at 2008 IBMA Showcase


Vince, Brad and Don just hangin' out at 2008 IBMA

Hangin' out at 2008 IBMA


Annie from California Jams with BlueShades

Annie Jamming with BlueShades


More of Annie

Wow! Could she play the fiddle

Annie and Brad

Annie a great fiddle player and Brad

Annie talking to Blue Shades members

Annie asking 'Do you mind if I sit in?'

More BlueShades at 2008 IBMA Showcase Sponsered by Pickin' at Parsons

Did I see a smile there?


Even More

Blue Shades at work


Donnie up Close

Wowing the audience with his GREAT Mandolin expertise


Brad up Close

Uhh, let see.. What is the next line I have to sing?


Troy up Close

My turn to sing


Vince up Close

The 'Banjoist' at work


Eddie Adcock

Eddie performing at 2008 IBMA shortly after Brain Surgery


Another Great Banjo Picker, Jens Kruger

Playing so fast his left hand is blurred



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