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Brad Foust.  Lead and harmony vocals / rhythm guitar and mandolin.
Brad Foust.  Lead and harmony vocals / rhythm guitar and mandolin.
Brad began playing guitar and mandolin in the early seventies.  He performed with “True Bluegrass” band on mandolin, and was known for his high tenor work with Bluegrass Music lead singer Bob Thompson and baritone / banjo-ist great Vince Bartlebaugh, as well as his strong lead vocals.  In the early eighties, Brad performed with the legendary Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers, on mandolin, tenor and lead vocals.  He has also played with many talented local bands, including the late great “Kenny Custer” and his Son’s of Bluegrass, featuring the standout banjo player Tim Custer.   Brad is well known among bluegrass fans for his strong lead and harmony vocals, as well as his hard driving rhythm guitar and strong mandolin breaks.  He brings to the band a very diverse repertoire. His influences, and favorite musicians are Charlie Waller, Cliff Waldron, Bill Monroe, Del McCoury, and Larry Sparks.
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John Dively.  Banjo and harmony vocals.
This is John’s second “go” with the band. John was one of the founding members bacJohnk in 2001. And actually, it was John that came up with the name “Blue Shades” with the idea that the band perform all different types of Bluegrass music. Hence a different “shade” for everyone. John worked two seasons with the band and left to pursue other things after the summer of 2002. But he was back again when asked to fill in for Vince Bartlebaugh on banjo at the 2011 Southern Cove Bluegrass Festival. And he has never missed a beat! In a small four piece group it is important that everyone make as much music as possible to keep the sound full, and John’s banjo is never still. Whether a driving breakdown, an intricate or tasteful break or a great kickoff that hints of more to come, John is one of the finest in his field. We are so very fortunate to have him back. Some additional information about John follows: His music interests started early with the bass at age 8,and the banjo at age 18. John played in his family’s Gospel “Dively Family Band” from 1970 thru 2010, and still occassonally when they are coaxed out of retirement. During this time John also performed with the “Bedford County Grass” and was a founding member of “Ground Speed” along with fellow Blue Shades members Don Fronk and Troy Wigfield. He has also shared the stage with Bluegrass greats Little Roy Lewis, and Carl Story, and Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, among others. Johns favorite influences have been Little Roy Lewis, Don Reno, Bill Emerson and Earl Scruggs.
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Don Fronk.  Mandolin and guitar / harmony and lead vocals.
Don Fronk.  Mandolin and guitar / harmony and lead vocals.
This powerful mandolinist  / guitar player first picked up the guitar at the age of eight, and mandolin at thirteen. Learning from his father, with whom he still performs.Bluegrass Music  He joined his first group “ Sassafras” a bluegrass Gospel band, at thirteen.  At nineteen he began playing with the group “Trade Secret” and in 1997 signed on with the band “Ground Speed”, featuring Troy Wigfield, of today’s BLUE SHADES band.  Don is known for his tremendously powerful instrumental work on both guitar and mandolin, as well as his fine baritone vocal work.  His biggest influences and favorite musicians are Lou Reed, Doyle Lawson and Jimmy Gaudreau.
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Troy Wigfield.  Harmony and lead vocals / bass.
A second-generation bluegrass musician, Troy has been playing music over twenty years.  He has been in several bands ranging from country and country rock, to Bluegrass Musicbluegrass.  Among those being “Ground Speed” where he first teamed-up with Don Fronk, of today’s BLUE SHADES.  Troy also plays guitar, pedal steel and dobro.  A strong vocalist,  he has a wide range and the rare ability to sing bass, lead and tenor. His versatile vocal work and impeccable timing on bass really help to round out the sound of the band.  His favorite musicians and influences are Doyle Lawson and the  “Old and In The Way” album.
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